To facilitate the availability of these materials to a wider global audience, I have teamed up with Udemy and posted all my content there.  This allows me maximum time to spend on creating high quality content and less on the actual posting and administration of the course delivery.  


I have always enjoyed being able to discuss pretty complicated topics in an easy to understand format, using a multitude of practical examples. Recently, technology has brought to our world a whole new level of complexity, and trying to understand that in context is often a challenge.  My hope is to break through this barrier of complexity and share new content in a "plain and simple" approach.


I have elected to design all courses to be roughly 1 hour in length, which is the typical format of most University classes.  The list price of all the courses is $34.99, but I offer a monthly coupon, through this site, to reduce that price to $12.99 every month.  This is the lowest price that Udemy allows their premium instructors to offer on their courses.


After some initial testing, I found that most of the student taking my courses on Udemy were searching for healthcare courses as this career is growing rapidly.  This motivated me to orient most of the content with healthcare examples, although the fundamentals apply to any industry.


QuoVadis in Latin means "Where are we you going?"  We used this term as a header for our strategic planning  sessions, when I worked full time.  The term seemed fitting for what I am trying to accomplish with the creation and posting of my many courses ... to help all who are on a career journey and wanting to learn more about their particular area of interest.